12 Months. 28 Voices. One Haworth.

At the beginning of 2021, we realized the e-pub magazine #voices2021 for our long-standing client Haworth. #voices2021 is a journey into the future of work from the perspective of Haworth employees. The magazine is a new medium for communication within the Haworth organization. Haworth International collaborators have taken up their (digital) pens to share their views on workplace and work-life, with reference to the rise of everything virtual. #voices2021 is a celebration of Haworth’s members‘ passion for workplace. The PLEXGROUP team, together with Haworth, sifted through this "employee-generated content" and put it into an easy-to-read form. In this way, #voices2021 became a celebration of the members‘ passion for workplace and their decades of experience partnering with our clients to create inspiring spaces. 
The good response proved Haworth right in its decision to publish the magazine exclusively digitally. In the first three days after publication, the e-pub was downloaded more than 400 times.

Henning Figge, Haworth's vice president, writes in his editorial:
“#voices2021 was born from Haworth employees all across the world writing on their passions for workplace. Over the year, we had more of the team sharing their experiences, insights, and workplace perspectives on a wide range of top-ics. For most of the team it was their first article authorship, and it was a brave nrst step into having a public, published opinion on workplace. It is refreshing to have personal and authentic points of view on workp:ace from a large number ofHaworth members. It demonstrates the years of experience our employees have working with our clients to understand their workplace objectives and helping to create inspiring spaces. It high-lights the depth of knowledge and the personal passions for our industry. For me, #voices2021 is one of the many positive results of 2020 ...”