Marcus Hahn


"Design is not a question of democracy."
"Attempt makes smart."

Which brand describes you and why?
Festool, practical, thoughtful, attention to detail, from practice

How do you get to work?
With my cargo bike

Which program feature needs to be invented to get your workflow off the ground?
A time recording which recognizes itself to which project I work.

How do you prefer to spend your break?
Go for a walk and get some fresh air.

Which colleague has the coolest Instagram account?
Good question. It's hard to say without an own Instagram account, but I guess Dietmar, there are certainly a lot of old cars.

Your personal hashtag?
#gehtnichtgibtsnicht (#itdoesnotworkdoesnotwork)

Here you can print your print media:
At the train station, there are also the unusual things.

Your source of inspiration?
What's in my way.

Your unofficial business card title?
Head of Making Possible

Your favorite object on your desk?
Matchbox car


RAL 7037