Making the mobility of the future tangible


The aim was to create an exciting exhibit in the Autostadt that would present the fuel developed by Volkswagen, SunFuel, in an interactive way. Instead of explaining the complex interrelationships in detail or even lecturing, the intention was for the attraction to convey the topic to visitors in a playful and exciting way.


Each visitor to the SunFuel Lab gets to plant their own personalized plant, which can then be observed from home online via cameras. In this way, visitors take part in the creation process of SunFuel itself and become involved beyond the day they visit the exhibition. With its transparent exterior, the SunFuel Lab seemingly floats half a meter above the ground. Visitors enter the interior of this peculiar place via a staircase. At their feet, under the glass floor, they can see beds of growing plants. A robot is constantly on the move, seeding and tending the little plants and and taking pictures of their growth. The project was conceived, designed, planned and then realized by us on site. Architects, film and web designers, programmers and project managers were involved in the different parts of the project


The transformation of a complex theoretical topic into an installation that can be experienced by the senses was a success. The SunFuel Lab was received with enthusiasm by all visitors to the Autostadt.