The Haworth brand should be positioned in the perception of their customers as a provider of solutions for working landscapes. Haworth has lots of knowledge about working environments of today and tomorrow. We were commissioned to collaborate with an international Haworth team to focus on the specifics of Haworth's solutions.


First, we created a core message that emphasizes Haworth's idea of providing spacial solutions. An understanding of the peculiarity of Haworth's specific method was developed internally and externally. Under the motto "The Craft of Spacemaking", we developed a communication strategy for the leading international trade fair for office and object ORGATEC, which positions Haworth as a provider of customized solutions for workspaces. With "The Craft of Space Making" we subtly quote a new understanding of space in the social sciences that sees space as a result of social relations or actions. The RCA had introduced a study funded by Haworth entitled "Life of Work" on the stand.


To support sales and employees, to understand the planning methodology "Organic Workspace" even better and to give life to it, we conceived a toolbox. For in this industry all-important ORGATEC 2014 trade fair, the "New Haworth" was presented in various media and on a surprising stand designed by Patricia Urquiola.