Computer Manufaktur

Branding and Web Design

Consistent branding for a versatile IT company

Computer Manufaktur is a versatile company that combines three fields of activity with varying target groups: IT service, IT consulting, and web and software development. 

In order to communicate as one unified strong brand, we further developed the corporate identity and corporate design. The result was a branding that allows for individual communication of the units while remaining recognizable as one overarching brand.

Our task included the creation of an identity and visual identity for the Computer Manufaktur brand. Tonality, positioning, claim and text were defined in a corporate identity manual. The logo update, visual identity, imagery, layouts for core touchpoints and UI elements were documented in a corporate design manual.

Works across all channels, print and digital

PLEXGROUP implemented the new branding in both core print media and a new website front-end design. 

Our services
Brand strategy, brand design, digital brand design, content creation and storytelling.

Photo by: Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash