Last week, we were able to show in our own building at the DAZ, Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, how a building management system implemented by us can be updated and modernised with just a few tricks. Even after 23 years, the signage system still looked good, but was no longer able to perform exactly what was required in terms of functionality. The floors in the German Architecture Centre were very strongly divided, office space was reduced, it was added and built up and thus many more tenants were added than could have been foreseen in 1995. In addition, the staircases were renamed at the same time. The most difficult part of the project was to make it through in the now heterogeneous owners' meeting of the property. Because, what only few know, the DAZ is an early example of a building group to which in 1993 young builders - architects, designers, artists - had joined together to renovate the dilapidated eastern property on the Spree from the ground up and to move in there with their newly founded companies.

With just a few interventions, the guidance system has now been modernised, made more striking and clearly more visible, and it is now fulfilling its purpose perfectly again.