Dominika Hasse

Managing Director

Prof. Dominika Hasse
Qualified Designer

Prof. Dominika Hasse is co-founder and managing director of PLEX GmbH Berlin.

Dominika Hasse studied Visual Communication at the University of the Arts Berlin. Together with Bruno Bakalovic, Dietmar and Oliver Mühr, she founded K/PLEX Concepts for Communication GmbH in 1990 (today PLEX GmbH).

Dominika Hasse has been Professor for Corporate Design and Editorial Design since 2008.

She has been working at universities since 1998:
2002 substitute professorship for Corporate Design at the Communication Design department at the University of Duisburg/Essen, 2002 appointed to the Faculty of Design, HAWK Hildesheim as Professor for Editorial Design.

further activities:

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