Understanding the foundation as a brand

PLEXGROUP and the Heinz and Heide Dürr Foundation have been working together since 2014. This collaboration was driven by the interplay between the foundation's need to communicate its purpose and initiatives and PLEXGROUP's understanding of how to find the right tone of voice for this: authentic, restrained, honest. A tone that does justice to the foundation, its target groups and the foundation's purpose, and does not aim to sell the purpose. Isa Baumgarten, CEO of the foundation, describes her vision in an interview.

Creating a visual identity

The visual identity of the Heinz and Heide Dürr Foundation is based on a color scheme in the blue spectrum with the corresponding transparencies. The interpretations of blue stand for the three funding areas of education, science and culture as well as for the foundation itself. The impulse logo supports the communication for the funding areas in their specific orientations as well as in their entirety.

Widespread and agile communication

The foundation uses both classic print media and various digital media, in addition to the website, to convey the very different content and to ensure the best possible communication with the various stakeholder groups. The researches supported, for example, are published in a printed and high-quality series of publications. There is also a poster series, printed and laminated and available in seven languages, which supports early childhood educators in their work with children and parents.

Digital touchpoints make the foundation's work visible

Digitally, the foundation uses the full range of today's media: website, newsletter, blog, LinkedIn, moving images and a knowledge platform for the training of Early Excellence specialists and consultants. We support the foundation with tools for independent content production, such as CI-compliant design templates for LinkedIn posts or branding elements for the creation of films. The foundation's work becomes visible to a wide audience.

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