HELLA is making sense(s)


HELLA is a globally positioned, stock exchange listed, family-owned enterprise with around 32,000 employees. The HELLA Group develops and manufactures automotive components and systems for lighting technology and electronics. With its origins as a headlight manufacturer, HELLA’s innovative role in the market can be mistakenly overlooked. HELLA is working now on the self-navigating vehicles of the near future, pioneering technology that is able to perceive, process, and even interact with the environment. PLEXgroup and HELLA worked together to develop clear presentation of these new technologies and improve HELLA’s brand perception accordingly.


Under the motto "HELLA is making sense (s)" - created by us - lighting and electronics supplier Hella presented their vision of the connected vehicle at the IAA Trade Fair in Frankfurt am Main. Through customer-centered applications, visitors interactively experienced and discussed Hella’s innovative solutions. Through this application-oriented approach, HELLA explains giving a vehicle „senses” through lighting and electronics that process and communicate with the environment. Ultimately, the vehicle is able to make and act on decisions autonomously.

In the New Mobility World Hall’s “Connected Car Pavilion,” we designed a yellow, polygonal structure that materializes the intangible network surrounding the vehicle. The actual vehicle can only be seen as a light silhouette - it is thus dematerialized. On several tablet PCs, visitors experienced HELLA’s innovative, customer-oriented solutions first-hand. We developed several animated films and an intuitive user interface that made this experience possible. In short: "HELLA is making sense (s)."

Hella explanatory film No. 1: Damage Detection


Interest in the "New World Mobility" and the presentation of HELLA was extraordinarily great, as evidenced by the service crew’s count of an extraordinary number of visitors. Overall, in the eyes of Mr. Wissmann, President of the German Car-Builder’s Association VDA, the IAA 2015 was a success in which the “New Mobility World” played a great role. "We have repositioned the IAA Trade Fair as the great, central and international forum for the megatrends of networking, digitalization and mobility," Wissmann said.