HFH Hamburger Fernhochschule

Brand Strategy & Design

Making a strong claim visible

"Näher am Leben" (Closer to life), the claim of the Hamburger Fernhochschule HFH, focuses on the students in their individual lives and challenges. Our task was to make this central mission visible and tangible.

For this purpose, we revised and modernized the appearance and textual communication of the Hamburger Fernhochschule HFH. From corporate design to text tonality and content strategy.
The brand refresh started with the logo, which needed to be more stable and flexible for digital communication. Both digitally and in print, the logo variations are easily understood and, when combined with the corporate colors, create strong recognition.

Making a strong claim visible

The color palette was extended by a GUI palette for web application and applied in layouts. An empathetic and accessible communication that is on one hand friendly and colorful and on the other hand serious and dark blue reflects the values of the HFH.
The imagery translates the claim and shows the multifaceted nature of the HFH. Likeable and authentic, because the HFH is really serious about supporting students.

Enabling a brand to speak

A new voice, defined in the brand language, gives introductory texts, headlines and campaigns a personality. HFH is tangibly approachable and makes a point of communicating in a way that is accessible, encouraging and empathetic.
We developed headline mechanics that ensure that values and vision are communicated. For an image campaign, we continued to create extensions to the claim that brought out the HFH's mission more strongly.

HFH Homepage Introtext
HFH Introtext for bachelor
HFH Introtext for Bachelor Digital Engineering

UI elements complement the brand CD

New layout elements bring the brand to life and make it versatile in different channels and media. Our web design illustrates the multifaceted use of icons, GUI palette, buttons, call-to-action effects or highlight elements. 
Modules allow for diverse content and give the freedom to bring the website to life. 

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