Brand Communication

New communication for the era Corona

The Corona crisis has had a major impact on both our society and our economy on many levels. Now the initial shock seems to have been overcome. Slowly, we are beginning to look outwards again. Supply chains and production are being restarted, orders are being placed again. We are looking into the future. And there the new challenges and new opportunities are merging.
Now it is important to get well-positioned in good time, to avoid falling into a black hole, to be prepared for the time after Corona and to be able to get going.

PLEXGROUP provides a brief insight into the opportunities that will arise and the options available.

As a creative agency for brand communication, we understand how brands can take advantage of the upswing and help our customers to do so.

What is important now in order to achieve successful brand communication?

We know that it is now more important than ever to put your own brand communication to the test. Companies that have not previously used social media, that tend to keep their website static and do not update it regularly or only communicate with customers and partners by post should now take action and activate their communication channels.

1. Be present

The most important point is: communicate!

Companies must be present. Even if many things continue as before, this may not be the case with your customers and business partners. In a time of reorientation, you should be visible and signal that you are ready and available. Perhaps new projects can now be initiated together that were previously forgotten.

Create content! With new actions, initiatives or campaigns you create an occasion for new conversations and at the same time invite customers and partners to get in touch with you. We help our customers to draw from the pool of topics and strengths and to find suitable content that can be presented in an eye-catching way.

2. Inform

In many companies there have been changes that may have led to confusion. Inform your customers about changes and answer questions that may have already reached you or that you anticipate. These topics could include shipping, availability, but also new products and services.

3. Set the focus

New topics have been centrally positioned and have become more aware to customers. That is a great potential! For example, hygiene, central production processes or crisis management are increasingly important. Use this new attention and evaluate in which areas you can play to your strengths. Are your products inherently antibacterial? Can your educational offers be conveyed digitally from a distance? Do you have innovative solutions that would be advantageous for other companies in the current situation? You should talk about that.

Our many years of experience in working for customers from the sanitary sector show us that hygiene is becoming increasingly important, and that this goes beyond private and public bathrooms. If you would like to find out more here, we have launched an initiative called "Sanitary Space 2025", which communicates and prepares the topic in a focused way.

With an innovation workshop, something can be done beyond brand communication, even in product and service development. You can use the opportunity to strengthen your position as an innovation leader and to show and tell about innovations.

What new possibilities are there to present an innovative image?

Showing presence is easier than ever today. Multi-channel communication is becoming increasingly important, especially now that customers and partners are scattered and communication beyond an office mailing address is required.
Make full use of your channels.

Are you in the social media? Do you use LinkedIn or Instagram? If not, now is the time to set up your channels. With a starter kit, we help our customers get up and running quickly and easily.
Discover the possibilities offered by portals you may not have used before and increase the frequency and quality of your communication.

Actions and initiatives can also be integrated on your own website. Via a microsite, within a blog or simply on existing pages, new content can be integrated to enliven your brand and product communication. Now it's time to take digitalisation into your own hands. It may be possible to create video tutorials, prepare documents attractively for download or directly create an online publication. With our own CMS PLEXFRAME, we help our customers to publish their content digitally in a high-quality and professional manner. The digital age need not be inferior to the print product in any way and can even offer optimized reading pleasure.

Especially event formats such as trade fairs or symposia must now be rethought and redesigned. They can bring together new needs for distance, hygiene and equalisation, but also working from home via video conferencing?

With new communication concepts that combine digitalisation with hygiene awareness, you are well positioned for the future. Offer your customers and partners several ways to receive your communication and get in touch with you. We look forward to a creative exchange of ideas!

Header © unsplash, Kamil Feczko