How to successfully shape your brand

Brand Builder

PLEXGROUP is successful in your long-term customer relationships because we understand the principle of "brand". We are convinced that a stable brand base with enough flexibility for development and interaction forms the basis for a differentiable perception and that a brand can therefore position itself strongly in the long term. 

What is a brand and how important is it?

The goal of a brand is to be so unique and strong that it can differentiate itself from the competition and be recognizable. It is supposed to imprint itself deeply into the memory of the market. But what does "brand" consist of? How can you define what it looks like and who it is?

Brands consist of different elements that ultimately form an overall picture. Just as every human being is unique on the basis of their DNA, every company is unique as well. Through its components, such as brand values, positioning or corporate culture, the brand DNA becomes unmistakable. The brand becomes real and relevant when it comes into contact or interaction with a person: this is the moment of the brand experience. This creates emotions and associations, which in the end are crucial when it comes to deciding for one brand and against another.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another.

How we build brands

PLEXGROUP knows how to make a brand tangible through a wide variety of elements. By formulating a corporate identity, a mission statement or guiding principles, customers and the public are enabled to recognize immaterial aspects as unique identity features in products and services. In this way, information can be remembered and retrieved. The bearer and messenger is primarily the corporate design. It visualizes the brand DNA and makes it emotionally accessible - because what we feel remains in our memory for a long time. And brand loyalty begins right there.

Corporate Design: Data with system

PLEXGROUP gives brands a visual appearance based on their brand DNA that helps to create a successful brand experience across the entire customer journey - regardless of whether it is a matter of print media concepts, OOH or POS applications, design strategies for online media, employer branding, corporate architecture, corporate clothing or giveaways. Through intelligent basic elements, the brand patterns - which communicate the message of the brand identity via colour, form, image and writing in any medium - a concise and memorable corporate design is created.

Brand building means not only creating the strategic superstructure, but also providing a corporate design that remains effective across all media in coordinated modules. A well thought-out corporate design responds perfectly to the structural, content and technological challenges of the modern media landscape. In addition, it unfolds its full effect in a target group-oriented communication at the most diverse brand touchpoints: in classic media such as billboards and advertisements through to digital media with completely new advertising formats.

Our competencies in the field of brand development

Corporate design requirements:
easy to understand and always accessible

PLEXGROUP ensures that marketing departments, service providers and the press clearly understand how best to apply the corporate design elements. Accessibility and ease of use are guaranteed with us. In clearly structured style guides, such as with the browser-based PLEXFRAME application, we depict CD elements and media applications in an understandable and comprehensible way.

You can find out more about our expertise in brand documentation here.


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