How to make information an experience

Interactive exhibits

Touchable Exhibits

Interfaces between the digital and the physical world

Interactive exhibits are interfaces between the digital and physical worlds of knowledge transfer. They create a smooth transition between a live experience and digital content. Through the self-directed experience, the visitor's knowledge deepens much faster and more sustainably than with a passive content presentation. Interactive exhibits illustrate facts and contexts and lead visitors to their own conclusions. The experience is much more impressive because the visitor has worked it out for himself.


Visitor perspective

Formal appearance, interface design and the mechanics of interaction are coordinated to create a unique user experience. PLEXGROUP develops exhibits in very heterogeneous teams, consisting of designers, conceptual designers and technical experts.

Each exhibit contains a story. The design, technology and content of the object emerge from this story. The experience from the visitor's point of view is only convincing if the interaction with the exhibit both arouses the explorer or play instinct and produces exciting results.

The content offered and, above all, the form in which the content is conveyed must go far beyond a pure screen experience, otherwise there is no added value compared to the "home experience" on one's own tablet.

Haptic experiences

Learning by touching

There are a large number of topics that can only be conveyed poorly through pictures and text alone. A haptic experience can only be poorly simulated. How does a material feel? How heavy is it? The combination of haptic experiences with digital content creates semantic markers that remain in the memory for a long time.


Understanding complex processes more easily

Complex topics, processes or services can be communicated more easily by involving visitors and letting them go through the process themselves. Especially topics that do not require an object, product or exhibit can be understood much better this way. A short experience or an exciting interaction with a kinetic exhibit often replaces pages of explanations or complicated explanatory graphics.