¿Dónde está Franco?

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Julia Schulz-Dornburg is an architect from Barcelona. In 2016, she developed an installation for an exhibition at the Born Museum in Barcelona in which a statue of the former dictator Franco was publicly displayed. His monuments disappeared from public spaces in 2007 as a result of a ban. This statue triggered such a violent reaction among the population that it had to be removed after only four days. Julia Schulz-Dornburg picks up on this event and tells in ¿Dónde está Franco? about her journey on the trail of Franco's disappeared equestrian sculptures.

The book is intended as a kind of travel diary and consists of two parts. The first part contains a description and discussion of the events that took place around the 2016 installation; the second part is a chronology of the search for Franco's statues through the authorities in Spain

Photographs of the statues illustrate the texts, the typesetting and layout have been optimised by PLEXGROUP to make them particularly easy to read. The email conversations with the Spanish authorities can also be read, typographically highlighted.

We support the haptic experience of the publication by inserting a folded poster in the flap. On this poster, the events are illustrated and presented as a visually appealing matrix.

The first edition is almost sold out, the second edition is coming soon.

Our tasks
Concept, book design, typesetting, final artwork