Karl Schlecht Foundation

Website Front- & Backend

Diverse fields of activity explained at a glance

The brief was very clear: to present the various projects in a clear and easily navigable way. And to tell the foundation's purpose better, because that's what holds everything together.
We started with a kick-off workshop to understand what drives the employees at the Karl Schlecht Foundation and learn more about the foundation's self-image.

We first designed the navigation and content to create an optimal user experience and capture all the content that best reflects the Karl Schlecht Foundation's fields of activity. The new user experience is designed to appeal to the different age groups that the foundation wants to address as target groups

Giving space to clear statements

We developed modules with easy-to-read headlines that make it easy to communicate clear messages and provide a clear structure for the different areas of the website.
The foundation's purpose was to be placed more strongly at the center of communication in order to clearly emphasize the common thread through the various funding projects and to tell the foundation's motivation everywhere. Key points were added to the navigation and the page types were developed in line with the content requirements.

Design elements for optimized navigation

We developed design elements to be able to use the existing color coding of the project areas in the navigation elements as well.
A small sub-menu helps the visitor to find the desired content quickly. And moving elements ensure increased attention and more entertainment factor when reading, without appearing too playful.

Easily updated by our clients

Websites are always in constant motion and require their content to be constantly updated. Our backend is therefore programmed in such a way that our customers can easily add, edit and change new content themselves and insert or remove new modules on page types. With our CMS Plexframe, we can program our customers' needs into the websites ourselves and make them available for the independent editing by our customeres.

Our services
Web design, UX-design, wireframing, frontend and backend, programming, brand design, content development, wording