Lars Schmidt

Motion Designer

Wäre, wäre Fahrradkette.

How do you get to work?
Always by bike. (In contrast to Megi even with snow and ice.)

Which program feature needs to be invented to get your workflow off the ground?
Ctrl + Alt + Q + L (if u do not know, now u know)

How do you prefer to spend your break?
In nice company and with good food.

Which colleague has the coolest Instagram account?
jsnapbln (best of architecture and trains)
kaiserkiwi (best of way to work and eat)
ttjna (best of beauty and lifestyle)
jane_airplane (best of travel and events)
fraumedyk (best of private and child)
All great!

Your personal hashtag?
# l4r5

This is where you shop your print media:
Print? What that?

Your source of inspiration?
Motiongrapher and Art fo Title etc.

Your unofficial business card title?
Man of Motion

Your favorite object on your desk?
My headphones, working without music is like a life without bread. If you can do it, but it's shit.

Which brand describes you and why?
Brand-on strong ... he also sits around a lot.

What's your favorite

PANTONE Process Black C