Nord Pool

Europe's leading digital electricity trading center

Nord Pool informs and explains

Nord Pool operates one of the leading power exchanges in Europe and offers its customers so-called day-ahead and intraday marketplaces. Nord Pool provides digital products and services that are simple, efficient and secure. PLEXGROUP advises the company on all aspects of brand and marketing communications.

An animated host guides you through the products

The power exchange is not easy to understand, which is why the services and products sometimes need to be explained. We conceptualize, text and produce explanatory films for Nord Pool, which are intended to raise curiosity about the company's special services for trainings, sales or in social media.

The clickable annual report

We work for the new Nord Pool brand as lead agency, develop communication strategies, develop stories and produce communication media for digital and print media.

We design and produce the annual report for Nord Pool as a printed and digital version since 2017.

This is the annual report 2022

Storytelling in sales presentations

Sales always needs new ideas and products to create interesting conversations with customers. It becomes easy and playful to talk about the complex energy market and Nord Pool's services when an interactive presentation is ready on the iPad. To illustrate the connecting network of the market, PLEXGROUP developed an illustrated overview. As a clickable image, sales can change focus as needed while visually entertaining the viewer as well. A fixed sequence can also be quickly reused to create an image film.

From social media to employer branding

We support Nord Pool in both external and internal communication. For trade fairs and events, we provide the right products to take home and remember and provide the right templates to close the deal.
For internal events, too, we make a lasting impression with the "Leadership Handbook", which conveys the values and ideas to all employees.

Close-up of business partners looking at business document in touchpad