Automobile manufacturers in particular are now relying on "experience marketing". The customer experience is what keeps the customer going. And the focus is on the brand.

But also other products, such as commercial vehicles, household and electrical appliances or industrial machines are increasingly understood and designed as 360° product experiences. Because ever shorter innovation cycles make purely technology-based competitive advantages more difficult. Suppliers often become innovation drivers, even "market advantage suppliers" in a sense, especially of automotive OEMs. Therefore, it is more important than ever for suppliers to understand the end customer's requirements and to distinguish themselves from their various stakeholder groups through their own "brand experience" - and they are versatile. The end customer is a private individual, buyer, fleet manager, dealer or company employee.

In the B2B sector, too, it is essential to be aware of the different touchpoints in order to create a stringent brand experience. One such important touchpoint is the room. Because customers, employees and business partners, both potential and existing, enter offices, factory halls or showrooms on a daily basis. And this contributes to whether the contact was pleasant and the brand is positively remembered or not. The brand experience begins with visual contact with the building and ends with leaving the premises. That, and everything in between, is the customer journey in the brand space.

The Swiss company Oetiker takes up this approach by strategically upgrading and expanding the touchpoints of its brand. Beginning with the location branding of the factories - using the example of the newly opened plant in Legnica/Poland - to the employee clothing, of course all communication media web and print, to trade fair presences at all important automotive fairs to the company's own road show truck. The new idea of bringing well-done tool sets to garages now brings the brand to life in the aftermarket. The "brand construction kit" supplied by us as lead agency - in particular the key visual called Force Field - makes it easy for the customer to generate a consistently exciting and attention-grabbing appearance.