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Our client, the Gerda Henkel Foundation, has been awarding the Gerda Henkel Prize (PLEX CASE) every two years since 2006. The prize honors scientists for their research achievements in the disciplines of historical humanities sponsored by the Foundation. On the evening of 8 October 2018 the time had come again. After almost two years of preparation for an evening of appreciation, appraisal and understanding, the ceremonial act began in Dusseldorf, in the old Ständehaus, today's art collection K21.

Yes, it is sometimes confusing not to lose the thread ends during such a preparatory period. And yes, it is challenging to answer every question about construction technology, catering and event dramaturgy on the day of the event or simply to find a new answer.
But it is enriching to meet Prof. Dr. Achille Mbembe, winner of the 2018 award, in person on such a day, and to be able to exchange a few words and questions about his work, in addition to clarifying the lecture, the height of the lectern (exactly 111 cm) or the planned quick break shortly before the start of the event.
It was marvellous.

Click here for the presentation of Prof. Dr. Mbembe

Click here for the lecture "Reflections on African Objects and Restitution in the Twenty-First Century" by Prof. Dr. Mbembe