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EMH Metering

Product Launch Video

When an innovative product is launched on the market, there is a need for explanation. What is new and what is better than before?

How do you tell a complex product simply? With an explanatory video! For EMH metering we did exactly that. The product launch for an electricity smartmeter is supported by an attractive explanatory video that tells everything important in a short and concise way. Keep in mind that rich media always leaves a lasting impression at trade fairs and on the Internet. 

In order to find and understand the most important arguments for the product, we started with a workshop. After that, it was clear to us what the product could do and which story we wanted to tell. From here we went into the strategy of the campaign and the conception of the content, the wordings and the look. How do we want to come across? What are the top 3 arguments? What does our electricity market look like? What catchy statements do we use to arouse curiosity and present the product well?

From strategy to production, a video was created in which the branding was adhered to and further developed to give the innovation a new stage. It works self-sufficiently without further explanation and can thus be shown both on websites, in social media channels or on large screens at the trade fair stand - An eye-catcher that informs and inspires.

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