In June 2012, PLEX won a pitch to create a new communication approach in the treatment of diabetes. The aim was to design a stand-alone corporate design for a complete training program. The french-based pharmaceutical company Sanofi supports an advisory board, which used this project  to develop a certified training program for insulin patients.


"Bot leben" is a toolkit and training program that makes the treatment of type 2 diabetes safer and easier for both patients and practitioners. A practical carrying case opens up a new style of communication- flexible and individualized for patients, consultants and trainers. Documents in the kit include a table flip chart, that eases the first consultation, presentations that share common practices within the group, and cards that encourage playful exchange. Bot Leben’s curriculum is a helpful, reassuring guide through a medical process that can seem intimidating for new patients. Throughout the course, participants build up a personal diary and blood sugar primer, cataloging their journey and preparing them for a healthy life.


In January 2013, Bot Leben was met with positive feedback from two separate Berlin Diabetes Congresses. We were awarded for both the static and moving image communication.