Simplify and enhance content with illustrations

Brand Design

A picture is worth a thousand words

Visual storytelling strengthens your brand

Illustrations are a versatile element to enhance and simplify brand content. Illustrated elements are scalable and can cover many areas of visual brand communication, from small icons for orientation to explanatory animated films. 

They can support when:

  • complex processes or products are described
  • visual orientation points shall help with navigation
  • icons are to convey content across languages
  • an imagery of photographs or renderings is difficult to maintain
  • content can be conveyed better and faster using images
  • storytelling and content creation shall leverage the brand

Usable in print and digital

Whether as a static image or animated as a GIF or film, illustrated elements are attention-grabbing and catch the eye in print and digital media. Animated explanatory films in particular provide a whole new level of communication on which almost any topic can be explained and presented quickly and easily understood. 

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Illustrations as part of your brand design

Illustrations develop their full power when they contribute to the recognition of your brand as a repeating element.

Therefore, it pays to define the style of your brand illustrations and create a library of elements that you can use to support and publish content in visual form across all areas of your business.

Possible elements as part of your corporate design:

  • Illustrations as part of the visual world
  • Pictograms and icons
  • Animated films
  • GIFs
  • Decorative elements to strengthen the brand identity

Example: explanatory film of a complex product in the field of energy exchange

An ideal communication tool for all industries

An illustrative style can be developed for any brand, whether serious or playful, illustrations can do justice to any corporate identity and narrate even the most complicated facts from industry, science, trade or any other sector in a way that is easy to understand.

You too can become a professional storyteller. We support you in creating your illustrative elements to take your brand communication to the next level.