Who's swelll?

swelll is THE hub for musical initiatives. Here musical productions in the context of classical music are invented, planned and executed. These productions are diverse and interdisciplinary, which is made possible by the wide network of organisers, musicians, artists, composers ...

Corporate Branding

Corporate Identity

With the assignment of a corporate branding for swelll we were faced with the exciting task of creating a brand for this complex construct. Until now rather an idea, we first developed a corporate identity based on a workshop to capture the spirit and direction that the two founders wanted to convey. To approach the brand DNA, we defined a value proposition, sharpened values and positioning and differentiated target groups.

Corporate Design

Based on this, a corporate design was created, which should combine the ambiguous spirit of playful curiosity of an artistic musical approach with professional experience and high quality standards. The elements should be flexible and free to function in such a way that they can be used and integrated flexibly by external artists* and still be independent and special enough to create a clear recognition.

The branding included the complete appearance: logo, key visual, colour concept, typography and all other visual elements. The design was then transferred to a first website and the business stationery. Further media will follow and complement the portfolio.


With our own CMS, PLEXFRAME Site, we were able to set up swelll's website according to the individual wishes and to fill it with content independently. From small details to general functions, the site could be customised and new features could be added during the ongoing process. Various page types were iteratively extended.

Feedback from our customer

The close cooperation of our iterative working method led to a good result, with which swelll is ready to start and can continue working well.

"Fortunately, we became aware of PLEXGROUP! Their team has a specialist for every issue, and yet we always have a direct contact person* with experience and comprehensive expertise. When you have to make big decisions such partners are a blessing"