Founded in 1910, TECALEMIT is a manufacturer of workshop facilities and pumps. Numerous competitors exist in the relevant markets, which are generally saturated. German calibration standards serve both as protection from international suppliers; they also make it difficult to internationalize the prevailing price structure.  Erosion of the brand image took place. Due to the product variety, it was not clear what the single brand stands for. Lack of differentiation: distinguishing features are not actively communicated. Price pressure: differentiation is based primarily on price.


The strategy was to integrate the two brands HORN and TECALEMIT, to narrow the focus of the brand and thus to sharpen the brand profile. The brand must be perceived fledged, clear and fresh without neglecting its tradition to support the goals of TECALEMIT: Revenue: the measures – short and long term – shall lead to an increase in turnover and profitability. Internationalization: provide the foundation for entry into new markets and increase internationalization.