TOTO is Japan's leading sanitary ware manufacturer and a pioneer in bathroom culture since its founding in 1917. In 2009 the brand hat it’s roll out on the EU market - it's first step at the trade fair for bathroom und sanitary ISH in Germany - and needed a new communication strategy. We could convince TOTO with a custom strategy and were initially commissioned with the preparation of the general catalogue in five languages. In the framework for our cooperation, we developed the customer magazine, large format outdoor advertising, giveaways and two radio spots etc.


The challenge was, on the one hand, the structure of the media, which had to compete with the competitors. On the other hand the tight time schedule, requiring an efficient, yet sophisticated approach to design and implementation. We focussed a central unique feature: The Japanese origin and the unique combination of functionality and design. The clear, structured design of TOTO we took up created a medium that conveys the feeling of the Japanese bath house, thus making the uniqueness of the brand visually perceptible.

TOTO explanatory film: GyroStream.

TOTO explanatory film: Actilight


The booth and the new communication media led to a significant increase in demand from the sales people. Especially the new catalogue could greatly help increasing the sale and explain the products and technologies. The media were rolled out in five European languages, followed immedialtely by a special medium for architects, planners and civil engineers.