Ulla Selmer

“You only see what you know.”

What programme feature still needs to be invented to make your workflow go through the roof?
1. I love educational videos - but often the narration speed is way too slow for me, so a speed control on all player bars would be great (and no, the high pitch voices wouldn't bother me).
2. Real life Command-Z (Undo) would be a hit, too - everyone needs that, right?

What's your favourite way to spend your lunch break?
A quick check of an online newspaper and my private mail account.

Your personal hashtag?

This is where you shop for your print media:
Everything analogue is usually bought digitally or subscribed to

Your source of inspiration?
London – my home from home

Your favourite item on your desk?
A cup of tea (English Earl Grey, of course)

Ulla Selmer is a member of the management board

What's your favorite

Pantone 806 Neon-Pink