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Change Management as Rich Media

How a movie can help with employee communication

As Germany's largest scaffolding and construction logistics company, Buildings Partners Group unites many employees at different locations and on different construction sites. If employees are not constantly at their computers, a personal announcement that is supposed to reach everyone at the same time becomes a challenge. 

To enable a personal announcement nevertheless, we chose film as our communication medium, which can be viewed via any digital device and at any construction site.


A mixture of sympathetic direct addresses and motivating atmo scenes set the right tone and a positive mood. PLEXGROUP took care of all the steps from strategy to implementation, from writing the appropriate choice of words for the voiceover, to finding and selecting an appealing backdrop and shooting, to post production with polish translation for untertitles and the finished film.

The Making Of

Our services
Pre-Production: Concept, Wording & Text, Storyboard, Location Scouting
Production: Shooting on different Locations with standing and hand camera
Post Production: Picture Editing, Cut, animated Lower Thirds, color grading, audio correction