Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

"Das nutzt." - What you do is of great use!


»Das nutzt. Werk Hannover« (engl.: that's good/of great use) is the new motto of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Hanover.

PLEXGROUP developed this motto on the basis of employee workshops. "It combines two things. First, it makes sense to switch from "Nutzis (useful loveley staff members)" to "That's good/what you do is of great use". On the other hand, we want to move the location forward. In this respect, everyone has to ask themselves whether what they are doing at the moment - "That's good" or "That's bad" - really brings us forward," says plant manager Jens Ocksen. The result was visible everywhere: the blue collar workers enthusiastically wore their motto on their T-shirts. Over 14,000 Polo-shirts were distributed to the site's employees. In the second phase, the Polo-shirt could also be purchased. "The demand was so great that we decided to also offer T-shirts for sale," says Jens Ocksen.
Quoted from: Magazine WERK.Hannover