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Exhibition Design

Design an exhibition in line with its content

For ZeitZeugenBörse e.V. (ZZB), PLEXGROUP developed and implemented the spatial and design concept for the exhibition "Nachgefragt".
The exhibition presents the stories of the migration experiences of 12 contemporary witnesses from Berlin.
The framework is formed by seven questions, which are shown textually and pictorially.

PLEXGROUP additionally implemented the exhibition as a digitally walk-through space to keep it accessible after the end. The content was digitally optimized and transferred into the 3D space.
It can be visited here: www.plexgroup.com/nachgefragt/ausstellung/


Shifts translated into objects in the space

The design and architectural concept we developed takes up the contents and translates them into design and space.

The incisions and caesuras, which represent a new start in a foreign country in a biography of a person, become creatively readable in the exhibition.

The design as part of the exhibition

From the colors to the layout to the typography, all design elements support the content of the exhibition. Diagonal headlines not only support the architecture, but also tell the story of the protagonists' lives, which are not straightforward but are characterized by upheavals and changes of direction.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Mitte Museum and is financed by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.

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