sustainable and aesthetical guidance


In autumn 2018, we updated and modernised a building management system that we had already implemented 23 years ago in the "DAZ - Deutsches Architektur Zentrum" (engl.: German Architecture Centre), where we ourselves are based. Even after two decades, the signage system still met the highest aesthetic standards, but could no longer functionally achieve what had been required in the meantime.
The use of the buildings in the German Architecture Centre had changed dramatically: Floors were divided, office space was reduced, extensions and structures were added and staircases were restructured. As a result, many more tenants were added than could have been foreseen in 1995. In the course of the modernisation, the guidance system was not only updated in terms of content and now again fulfils all structural requirements - the design was also optimised and implemented in a clearly more visible, striking and thus image-shaping way.