Enriching the educational landscape


An employer brand should make the personality of the company visible and thus perceptible to potential applicants. In the education sector, too, it is becoming increasingly relevant not only to present oneself as an employer, but also to ensure an inviting and simple application process.

Phorms has therefore commissioned us to present and elaborate the Phorms Employer Brand in order to create a contemporary recruitment process for both the training locations and the managing Phorms Education SE. As pedagogues who work with children and young people on a daily basis, Phorms employees play a particularly important role.


An employer brand is shaped by the perception of employees and job seekers. Phorms' greatest distinguishing feature is the values and freedom that pedagogues find here. The meaningfulness of the work and the freedom that every employee can use for himself are two of the main reasons for choosing Phorms. The Phorms mission statement, which we are currently working on together, then channels the corporate values and culture through onboarding.
The applicants are approached via their own subpage (LINK TO CARREER PAGE OF PHORMS), which visually clearly belongs to Phorms, but which also functions as a separate page thanks to its own icon and campaign title. In this way, we take Phorms' corporate architecture into account and give the locations the opportunity to link from their websites.

The campaign title "You make the difference" refers to the Phorms values and addresses each visitor individually. The target groups are primarily teachers and educators, but also potential SE employees - always with bilingualism as an option. The needs of German teachers and educators and their English-speaking colleagues are different, so target groups are channelled according to the language.

Navigation is simple and intuitive, frequently asked questions are answered at an early stage. The visual world conveys the atmosphere and culture at Phorms almost incidentally, while an integrated corporate film actively talks about working at Phorms.


The career page is also a popular place to use across locations and is praised by applicants. The simple process has already led to many new hirings and also strengthens the sense of belonging for existing employees.


Phorms is a group of currently seven private bilingual daycare centers, primary and secondary schools, and the Heidelberg International School, which work on a non-profit basis. The umbrella organization Phorms Education SE supports the locations in their development: with the necessary start-up financing, the infrastructure and the recruitment of teachers.