The core that opens to the people


Behind the project was the task to materialize the Volkswagen brand - an intellectual construct of experiences, values and expectations - to make it tangible and accessible - even to be walked on. We specialize in this, we call this method Spacial Branding. In the pavilion, a translation of immaterial values into a new, spatial language takes place.


We have edited the volume of the cube and put the brand core free. The realized three-dimensional shape is new, innovative and unique. The brand essence is a creative territory. It is not formally classified. It is unique. It has a clean design that supports the quality, precision and the strength and dynamism of the Volkswagen brand. The core must be circulated to capture it in its entirety. It makes the whole room an experience.


The visitor enters a neutral glass cube and encounters a pulsating, over 15 meter high media sculpture - the brand essence. The brand core provides insight into the diverse universe of the Volkswagen brand. Around 700,000 LED luminaires form the Brand Stream on the outer skin, which makes this 27-tonne object appear transparent and floating. On a high-resolution LED surface, the Brand Cinema, a movie is to be seen. On the pedestal of the brand core, four interactive monitors move up and down as so called brand experience. When the visitor steps in, they automatically adjust to their eye level. Via a staircase he reaches a lounge gallery equipped with iPads from which he can dive digitally into the world of VW. Vehicle exhibits can be seen on the large exhibition area.


The brand pavilion is an example of our core competence: interdisciplinarity and integrated communications across all channels - space included. From communication concept, architecture, media design and programming to total realization. The Volkswagen brand pavilion was awarded Winner by the German Design Council in the architectural competition ICONIC AWARDS. In 2012, the Volkswagen brand pavilion was honored for its outstanding design as Winner in the Architecture category in the Automotive Brand Contest of the German Design Council.